About Counsel Connect

The Service

The Counsel Connect service is intended for the legal fraternity, to assist legal professionals in their day-to-day business saving them time, effort and costs while getting cases handled and briefed. The service was conceived by an attorney and built by an IT professional to the highest degree of compliance with best-practices, security and legislative prescription.

In particular the service

  • relieves the Attorney of the burden to consult with numerous Counsels regarding availability and willingness
  • presents the legal professional with the key to unlock fees available in briefs
  • presents unique and equal opportunities to junior counsel and independant Advocates
  • circumvents any political allegiance, racial profiling and other misconceptions such as race, sex or affiliation

Counsel Connect does not only promote the accessibility and affordability of the legal system, but is a viable solution towards transformation, development and growth within the legal profession as a whole.

The service is cost-effective and pricing is straight forward; Counsel Connect will only debit your account when a connection is made.


Confirming an advocate or another type of user once a brief is posted: R250
Being confirmed as a correspondent: R500
You will only be charged once per brief, per connection.

Any other type of user

Being confirmed by an attorney in one or more roles on a brief: R500

Lawyered is the first integration into the Counsel Connect platform. It is a wholly owned service setup for the public to post their matters on. These matters are fed through to Counsel Connect where attorneys can peruse and accept them. This means that attorneys no longer have to rely on walk-ins, advertisements or outdated directory services or websites, and instead can cherry pick cases.

Indeed, Lawyered is targeted to the general public who does not necessarily carry knowledge on legal process, costs or otherwise. It is Counsel Connect's vision to allow entry into the legal system for any individual, regardless of affordability, location and acceptance.

Contact Us

The Counsel Connect directors are:

Johan Ferreira (LLB)
Business Director


Henk Roux (BSc)
Managing Director


Adv. Ben Myburgh (LLB)
Business & Strategy Consultant
This service is available by invitation only. If you are a professional operating in or with the legal profession and would like to sign-up, please contact us on support@counselconnect.co.za to be extended an invitation.
You can also download, complete and submit the offline registration form if you prefer.